I attended my first SUPCONF having not yet met anyone at the conference in person.  As an introvert and someone who is anxious in new social situations, this was a bit intimidating.

As the social event on Monday night wrapped up I realized one thing: I had no idea where to eat in the city, or who to go with.  Not being the type to easily make connections and dinner invites, I planned to just head back to the hotel and call it an early night.  

On my way back, I met a few folks from Automattic who were also staying at my hotel.  We struck up a conversation, and I joined them for dinner.  Throughout the rest of the conference, these awesome Automatticians included me in their meal plans.  

Having folks to eat dinner with made my conference experience and my connections even deeper.  After the conference was over I wondered – what if I hadn’t run into the Automattic crew on the walk back that first night?  How would this have changed my SUPCONF experience?  

For me, food has always been about relationships.  I love eating, but the best part about food is enjoying it with others, and connecting with them through trying a new place or an old favorite menu item.  


Ben enjoying dinner, as captured by Giovanna.

The idea for SUPCONF dinner meetups grew out of this love for food and a desire to make connections easier for everyone.  For this, we’ve designed a simple way for folks to be able to meet up and get to know each other over dinner.  

Enter: SUPCONF Dinner Meetups.  

The idea is similar to that of a taxi stand.  We’ll set a time and place to meet each evening.  Once there, a facilitator will match folks up into small groups (3 – 4 people), and send you along your way for dinner wherever you choose.  

We’ll be doing dinner meetups on Sunday, March 19th for the folks coming to the conference early, Monday, March 20th on the first night of the conference, and Tuesday, March 21 for the people that are staying after the conference is over.

This is an awesome opportunity to meet fellow attendees and get more out of your SUPCONF experience.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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