Introducing Support Driven Exposition (SDX), the event for support professionals who want to learn the necessary skills to take their career and job to the next level.

SDX is:

  • Focused on learning and developing technical and nontechnical skills
  • Sessions are taught from a support perspective, so you can apply them right away
  • A 1 day event with workshops, talks, and more to suit different learning styles
  • Priced under $300 (we’re still working out the final details)
  • July 22nd in Portland, Oregon

We’re launching a Kickstarter for SDX on April 4th early access tickets will be available through the Kickstarter. If you’d like exclusive details on early access tickets and updates, sign up for the Support Driven community newsletter.

How it all began

It all started when we asked the Support Driven community to take part in a learning survey about which skills you wanted to learn this year. We heard from all levels in support – from folks on the frontlines to directors, managers to vice presidents, and more. From people that worked with teams of hundreds to people that worked on teams of one.

We learned that everyone has room to grow, whether they were the head of support at their company or elsewhere in the support organization. Everyone has a skill that could help them take the next step of getting better at their job or making progress in their career or both. For some, that skill could be technical like diving deep into JavaScript to better understand the product and write better bug reports. For others, it could be nontechnical like getting better at public speaking to share the story of the team and the customers within their company.

Here’s a few responses from the survey (Check out the full survey results if you’re curious)

How to better advocate for support (to get the voice of the user out) and for me (to be better seen and heard within the company-to be given the chance to do more than be in the queue)

Public Speaking. I have a slightly more visible role now, and with that comes sharing the story of our team and the impact it has on our customers. I hate public speaking though, primarily because it makes me incredibly nervous.

How to help my team grow—specifically how to help them become leaders, and take more ownership, determine how they want to grow professionally and then facilitate them growing in those areas, and how to step back and let them handle things more.

I would really like to invest in learning JavaScript deeply (at a junior dev level or higher). Right now, it would help me to have a better technical understanding of our product and write better bug reports. In the future, it would help me to advance my career.

Owning my career (without becoming a manager, which I’m not interested in)

Learn skills instead of following tracks

You talked about investing in technical skills that could help you now and in the future. You shared that you wanted to develop skills to help your team grow and develop as leaders. You want to own your career and decide what’s next for you.

We think that’s awesome and we’re putting together a mix of topics to cover a lot of the skills you want to learn this year. In order to accommodate the widest range of topics we can, sessions are offered independently rather than in tracks. This will also be an opportunity to be exposed to new ideas, including a few topics that you may not have expected.

Mix and match the topics that catch your interest.

Learn faster with a support perspective

There are dozens of ways to learn skills. You could learn on your own from reading a book or attending a class at university. You could take an online course or participate in an in person workshop. There are no shortages of learning options, just a shortage of time and money to do so.

The common thing missing in these options is they’re not focused on teaching people like you – people who live and breathe support. We think you can learn and apply these skills faster if sessions were designed for people in support.

Folks leading a session at SDX knows that everyone in the audience is in support and to tailor their stories and content accordingly. Instead of working with random examples that could appeal to anyone, the examples would be focused on challenges commonly found in support.

Tailoring the content of sessions to you will help you learn faster and apply it sooner.

With the community

Bringing SDX to life is a community effort.

The people organizing SDX are the same people that you’ll see in the Support Driven community. We bring ideas and experiences from doing support at wildly different organizations into the process.

We’re recruiting people to lead sessions from the Support Driven community. Chances are good there are folks in the community that have been where you are and with the experience that you’re looking to gain. We’re creating the space for you to learn from these folks with SDX.

We’re bringing the community together to create the best learning experience in the support industry.

Who is SDX for?

SDX is for people who live and breathe support.

For people who are building a career in support or want to build a career in support. People who know what it’s like turn around a customer’s day or to bear the brunt of a customer’s inexplicable anger. People who set the direction for how support builds relationships with customers and helps customers be successful across the entire organization.

We know it’s not always easy to step away from the queue or rearrange all of your meetings. That’s why we chose to design SDX as a 1 day event on Saturday, July 22nd with the hope that this date would minimize the disruption to your work.

We’re keeping the ticket price under $300 so it’ll be accessible to more people. And there will be a scholarship ticket program to encourage even more folks to be a part of it.

We want this event to work for you and we’re keeping things in mind that we can do to make that happen.

If this sounds like the event for you, sign up for the Support Driven community newsletter for updates and exclusive details on early access tickets. Since you’ve read this far, if you’d like to get an insider’s look on how SDX is being organized, join us in #workgroup-events in the Support Driven Slack.

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