We’re happy to announce that this year, Support Driven is partnering with Help Scout, FullStory, Olark, and Guru to help the support community grow and thrive.

Partners will provide sponsorship for events like SUPCONF and SDX. They’ll also work closely with us to do other things outside of events, including creating resources like the Help Scout salary survey, while sharing in our mission to continue raising the perception and impact of support professionals.

“Customer support is critical to building an incredible customer experience, and CX is at the heart of everything we do at FullStory. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Support Driven,” said Ben McCormack of FullStory. “Support professionals understand that when we make the web better for customers, everyone benefits.

The landscape of the support industry is changing. It seems that more companies are paying attention to support than ever before and are starting to see what we’ve known for a while – that support is absolutely crucial to business success and that support professionals should be respected for their unique skills. Nicereply even named customer service as a career as one of their “4 Big Customer Service Trends for 2017.” Our partners have been leading the way for this transformation.

“At Help Scout, we’re truly committed to supporting the people who support the customers, and that’s why we’re so excited to partner with Support Driven. As we will learn from and support each other, we will elevate customer service as a department, an attitude, and a career.” said Mat Patterson of Help Scout.

We’ve chosen to partner with these four companies in particular because they’ve demonstrated a strong commitment to championing for customer support. We’ve also chosen them because they’ve been active in the community, know their way around it, and are eager for the opportunity to contribute more.

“At Guru, we continually see that forward-thinking companies have begun to recognize the importance of a good customer experience, and have elevated customer support to first class citizens within their organizations as a result. In combination with Support Driven, we hope to amplify the importance of support and collectively empower support teams everywhere.” – Steve Mayernick, Guru

Our partners know, as we know, that in coming together as a community, sharing our knowledge, and helping one another, we can grow our expertise and influence, move the industry forward, and create better experiences for ourselves and for our customers.

“We believe in making business human, and the Support Driven community shares that belief,” said Rhoda Meek, Director of Customer Service, Olark Live Chat. “Through its events and its online group, Support Driven connects the humans who are the faces and voices of our organizations; enables them to share the highs, the lows, and the best practices of Customer Support; and empowers them to effect change in their own companies, and in their customer’s lives. In short…:Fist Bump: :Thumbs Up: :Party Parrot:”

At Support Driven, we couldn’t be more excited to have these companies on board, and we’re looking forward to joining forces with them to bring even more resources to the community.


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