This Summer we’re having a new event – it’s called SDX and it’s all about leveling up your support career. To help everyone be successful at the event, we’re including three ways to learn – workshops, talks, and an unconference.  

Honesty time – during one of the first calls about SDX we were discussing ‘unconferences’ and I realized I had no idea what an unconference was. I was the person on this video call who was secretly googling a to find out what an unconf consisted of.  

So – I’ll save you the frantic Googling and give you a quick post on what an unconference is all about, with more details to come!

As the name implies, an unconference takes an opposite approach to your typical conference. The goal is to reduce the passivity and engage attendees with sessions that are made on the spot so you can find your affinity group quickly. Attendees learn, share, and exchange ideas dynamically. And best of all, relationships built, and new collaborations emerge.

In an unconference, the topics, speakers, and layout aren’t fully decided ahead of time — this happens first thing in the morning and can evolve throughout the day. Folks show up with ideas and thoughts. Everyone at an unconference session  spends some time discussing and parsing these ideas, and then shares  their topic for open discussion via a gridded board with time slots and locations to meet.


Excited about unconferences and leveling up your career? Get your tickets through this Kickstarter and join us at SDX to explore a variety of ideas with those who value customer support just like you.  

Have you ever been a part of an unconference? We’d love to hear your experience! Chat it up in #chit-chat!