While we do a lot of writing as Customer Support Professionals, we rarely take the chance to write for fun.  

We often say things like: I really should do a post on that or I’d love to have more time to write, but life happens and those great pieces never quite materialize. Writing challenges are your opportunity to change that – for a few weeks, at least.

We first did a writing challenge last Fall, and enjoyed blog posts from all around the community for 6 weeks.  Click here to check out some of the great posts from last year.  

We’re excited to get started again, and in May we will kick off the Spring 2017 writing challenge!

What is it?

The Writing Challenge is designed to be a fun way to encourage us to write more! The goal of the challenge is to write one “Presentable Piece” every 2 weeks – but you are welcome to set your own goals instead/as well.  

Below we have shared some weekly topics, to help get your writing flowing.  You are welcome to write off-topic if you’d rather – these are just helpful if you are stuck!  

Most importantly – there’s no pressure.  If you miss a week, no biggie – just pick up and keep going.  It’s all about writing more than you were before.

How do I share my writing?

We encourage you to write your posts on a blog (WordPress or Medium both have some great free options) but you can also share the post through a public google drive, or other writing link!

We’d love you to  share your pieces in the #challenge room in Support Driven, so we can all enjoy reading each other’s work.  

We will also gather the posts every other Friday to share right here on the Support Driven blog.  

Part of the fun in the challenge is the community – taking the time to read other’s work is highly encouraged.  

Happy Writing!

Bi-Weekly Topics:

Week Start: Topic
May 1st Motivation: What makes you excited about working in customer support? Each of us has a path that landed us here – but what keeps you going month after month?
May 15th View: Share your current view with us – this could be your desk, the view out your window, or your favourite scene from a recent adventure.
Share the picture and then tell us about this place.
May 29th Feedback: Getting feedback on your work is essential to growth. If you had your pick – how do you like to receive feedback? (Think about what medium – in person, through text, etc as well as the timing – right after the event, or at a set time, etc). What do you do with this feedback once you have it?
June 12th Self Care: As support professionals it is easy to take care of everyone else and forget to take care of ourselves. What do you do for self care? Perhaps there’s something you already do, or something you’d like to do more of – tell us about it!
June 26th Networking: Networking and meeting new people comes easier to some than others. Do you enjoy networking? Why or why not? What tips and tricks do you use to make it work for you?
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