I was a web designer during the Age of Geocities & Angelfire, when we learned mostly through experimentation and the magic of “view source”.

When it comes to customer support, especially the human, helpful, personal, Support Driven type, we’re still in our own Geocities era. Making up our own approaches, trying new technology and constantly adapting to changing roles in growing companies.

As a community we are collectively showing that support can do so much more than just answer questions. We can strengthen customer relationships to create fans and brand advocates. Now we have an opportunity to build on what we’ve started, and capitalise on the huge growth in the customer experience industry to help support and service take on a more central role.

To take that opportunity, we all need to get smarter about our jobs and our industry. And that’s where HelpU comes in. It’s a free customer service education hub that we’re working on over at Help Scout. We’re taking all our existing customer service content and turning it up to 11! Hear from new voices, experts from inside our community and beyond. Find new resources and actionable advice that will help you succeed, whatever support stack you use.

It’s not quite ready yet, but I wanted to share this with you now because it’s really built for you — people who want to improve their skills, grow their teams, make more impact.

What is HelpU?

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Would you like to be involved?
HelpU won’t be useful if it doesn’t include the unique perspectives and experiences of people like you, who are creating support experiences every day.

We want to elevate the voices in this community, and one way we can do that is by regularly publishing ideas and insights from people active in Support Driven.

How does publishing on HelpU work?
If you’ve got an idea to share, fill in this form and tell us about it. From there, we’ll figure out if and when it’s a good fit.

It’s not a paying gig, but if you bring the message then we’ll provide you with professional editorial help to craft it and a platform to share it.

If you’re interested but want to know more about the process, in my next post here, Olark’s Kimberly Bringas will share her experience. Kimberly worked with Emily on the Help Scout team to get her excellent article about handling conflict written and published.

Want to contribute to HelpU? Start here!


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