We’ve got a lot of great new things happening at SUPCONF Fall 2017 in Atlanta and this is the place to keep track of it all. Check out the list below for all the things we’ve got planned and come back before the event to get the latest details.

Looking for the detailed schedule? You can find it here.

Let’s start with the things that need RSVPs.

Kickoff event with FullStory – Sunday November 5th, 7-9 PM
We’re getting together the evening before SUPCONF starts on the rooftop of Atlanta Tech Village courtesy of FullStory. It’ll be a chance to share drinks and snacks with fellow attendees and the local support community.

I’ve heard the view is amazing and I know there will be amazing people there. Join us and RSVP here –
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/supconf-fall-kickoff-tickets-37952239169 and the code is SUPCONF.

Humans of Support Story Time
Remember that moment when … You realized your most “challenging” customer is as likable as your oldest friend. You made a huge mistake that ended up a hilarious misunderstanding. You changed a life, or maybe a customer changed yours. These are the stories that make us human, and the moments that made us call support home.

Humans of Support is a series by Help Scout featuring stories from the customer support community about their experience working in customer service.

In celebration of our favorite humans, Help Scout is hosting a live storytelling segment during SupConf during which a select group of attendees will tell a 5-minute story, sharing a memorable experience working in support.

We’re recruiting signups in advance, to give you time to prepare your story, so submit your story pitch here, and we’ll confirm your spot ahead of the event.

MailChimp Meetup and Tour – Tuesday November 7th, 6-8 PM
After the talks are over at SUPCONF, we’re heading over to MailChimp’s offices for a meetup. MailChimp has been a long time supporter of SUPCONF (since the very first one on Kickstarter!) and I’m excited to visit their offices and hang out with some MailChimpers (I hope this is what they call themselves). During the 2nd half of the meetup, MailChimp will host tours of their offices and share how they work (i.e. it’s like a factory tour with less heavy machinery).

Attendance is limited, so fill out this RSVP form to claim your spot. RSVPs are full! 

You can get the app through your mobile browser and going to eventmobi.com/SUPCONF-FALL-2017 or you can download the EventMobi app (iOS Android) and enter supportdriven2017. If you try the app, let us know what you think of it and if we should use apps for future events.

We’re going to try panels for the first time at SUPCONF and we want you to be a part of it. The best panels bring out deep discussion on the topic and we want you to have the opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences on the panel.

The way panels will work is there will be a moderator, 3 guests, and 1 attendee chair. When a topic comes up that you have opinions about or experience with, take a seat in the attendee chair and share it wit us. If the chair is already taken, come up and the person sitting in the chair will give up the chair to you.

Monday Panel – How to effectively leverage your knowledge to deliver amazing customer experiences
This panel will include best practices for implementing and assessing an effective knowledge management strategy including adoption, infrastructure and measures of success. Focuses will include knowledge creation, organization, assessment and sharing.

The panel will be moderated by Nora West of Guru. Joining Nora will be Jacob Touchette, knowledge specialist at Shopify, and Stephanie Westbrook, documentation manager at Wrike

Tuesday Panel – Making Customer Interactions More Human: What does that even mean??
“No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative. It gets the people going!!” – Chazz Michael Michaels

As we race toward a future of automation, more organizations are touting ‘the human element’ as a key differentiator. But being human means different things to different people, and if we’re not careful, it could end up meaning nothing at all. In this discussion, we’ll dissect what being human means to four different businesses, and how humanity is influencing customer interactions, internal team interactions, and the future of customer care as we try to strike a balance between human and robot.

The panel will be moderated by Karl Pawlewicz, head of communications at Olark. Panelists include:

  • Jeff Jahn, CEO and chief nerd, DynamiX
  • Abigail Phillips, customer champion, HelpScout
  • Shonak ‘Nak’ Patel, director of customer experiences, Appcues
  • Brad Malone, director of brands and ideation, Georgia Tech Athletic Association

Table topics
After talks are over on the first day, we’ll start the mixer with some drinks and snacks. During the mixer,
several of our sponsors will host conversations around specific topics (we’ll share them here once they’ve been finalized).

Sponsors will share their topics at the beginning of the mixer and you’ll find the conversations at their sponsor tables. There’s a good chance multiple topics will be of interest, in that case you’re encouraged to move between tables and talk about all the topics.

It’ll be a fantastic opportunity to learn more and to find others at the event who have similar problems/interests.

Abstract Quiet Room
A lot of conversations happen at SUPCONF. Sometimes it’s nice to get some quiet time and recharge. Or maybe you need to check email or get some work done during the event. Abstract is hosting a quiet room at the event where you can do all of those things.

Automattic Coffee Bar
Coffee is key to many people’s day, mine included. We’re fortunate to have Octane Coffee in the building and keeping us fueled with excellent coffee throughout the event. Special thanks to Automattic for hosting the coffee bar,  check out some of the pictures from Octane below.

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