SDX is coming back for a second and even more exciting year – more workshops, more talks, on more topics you want to learn about.

The tracks for SDX 2018 are:

  • Essentials Of Support
  • Moving To Management
  • Running The Support Department
  • Customer Success
  • Support Engineering
  • Trust, Safety, And Security
  • Support Communities
  • Knowledge Management
  • Company Culture
  • Working With Data
  • Career Development
  • What’s Next In Support

We need your help to make all these tracks happen! You’ll work with presenters to refine their talks and help things go smoothly for them at SDX. In this role, you’ll have a direct impact on the topics and quality of the presentations we have this year at SDX.

Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • You’ll be focused on one specific track
  • Tracks run for 1 day and you’ll be ‘on call’ for your presenters during that day
  • Attend both days of the conference
  • Time commitment: A few hours here and there from when the program starts (January) ’til SDX happens (June 21-22) and about 5 hours a week during deadline periods
  • Regular updates with the Program Manager

Some of the things we’re asking you to do are:

  • Help select talks and workshops and send acceptance or non-acceptance emails – we’ll help with the messaging.
  • Work with 6-8 presenters to hone their presentations for our audience of support professionals and to fit within the scheduled time
  • Collect and organize slides and materials from presenters
  • Ensure presenters are meeting deadlines and to communicate any delays to the Program Manager

Do you want to help bring these tracks to life at SDX next year? Fill out this form by November 26th and you’ll hear from us by December 6th

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