You might have noticed some of my posts in the #chit-chat channel lately asking about content: what are people interested in writing, what are people interesting in reading,do people even care about content anymore?!?! Funnily enough: they totally do. So, Support Driven has decided to start an outlet to both help the people looking for more content (like us), and the people looking to write and record more content (like you!).

We’re calling it Voices of Customer Support. We’ll be aggregating requests from awesome support blogs, companies and services that are looking for new voices to talk about some of your favorite topics (and maybe some things you haven’t heard of before), and sending out an email once a month. If you see something you like, respond to the email with your pitch, and we’ll send your information along. We’ll include information about what your pitch should look like in our inaugural email, so no worries about that right now.

I know, you’re already thinking how awesome this is going to be, right? Well, if you’re not and you’re still trying to figure out how this benefits you, you can use this new service to help:

  • Showcase your ideas on websites and blogs outside of your own personal one
  • Build up your brand and industry recognition
  • Better develop your communication and writing skills by working with professional editors
  • Bone up on your public speaking skills for podcasts, speaking engagements and webinars
  • Generate new ideas for content that you might not have thought of before
  • Try your hand at a new skill
If you want to get involved, subscribe to the list hereYou can also reach out to me at if you’re keen to have your listings featured. Our first newsletter will go out November 13th, so keep your eyes on your inbox!
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