This week in the Support Driven Writing Challenge we wrote about Creating Redundancy, or not? In any role, there are always things that some people excel at over others.  Perhaps one person on your team has a particular background, and you find yourself leaning on them more to answer some questions.  Each of us has a strength, and this makes up a healthy team – but how do you make sure that, in anyone’s absence, the team can still run smoothly?  Or perhaps your team hasn’t tackled this – if so, how do you handle covering things when someone is out?


Below are the people who completed the challenge this week!

@chelsea shared: On (not) being the fail point.

@grmeyer shared: Thoughts on the Bus Problem

@giovanna shared: “…Can you show me how?”


Next week we’ll talk about Big decisions.  We make decisions every day – what am I going to eat for breakfast?  What color shirt will I wear today?  These are little, almost subconscious decisions, but there are other decisions that are huge – team or even company changing decisions.  When it comes to making BIG decisions, are you a whole picture person, or an “in the weeds” type?  Do you need to know all of the details, or are you satisfied with making a choice with just knowing the end goal?  If your team needs to get you on board, how can they convince you something is the right choice? 

~ Chelsea

P.S. Did I miss anyone? If so, it was not at all intentional, please let me know!

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