We’re excited to announce the Diversity Pitch Development Program! Our goal is to have more diverse speakers at all the conferences. This program will focus on bringing more women, people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ people onto the conference stages of the world.

Editors will guide aspiring speakers on how to create an impactful and effective pitch to submit to any conference that they hope to speak at — if you have presented at a conference before, or have some knowhow in this area, we want you to help! As a speaker, you’ll glean helpful tips to get your pitch approved to get on stage.

This program will launch early 2018– if you’re interested please sign up here for updates

We’re also looking for partners to help spread the word about this — if you can do an intro to an organization that cares about this, let us know in SD slack or email Scott at scott@supportdriven.com.


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