This week in the Support Driven Writing Challenge we wrote about building bridges –Communication, relationships and team building  take hard work in all walks of life.  How do you close gaps between the different teams in your company?  Perhaps it’s Support and Product, or Support and the folks who fix your bugs – or, support and leadership.  You can talk about how your team has bridge these gaps broadly, or perhaps pick a particular team to concentrate on. 

Below are the people who completed the challenge this week!

@chelsea shared: Let’s Just Over Communicate. 

Next week we’ll talk about your Daily Routine – Are you a routine type of person, or take each day as it comes?  Perhaps you have structure around your day, but the items inside each structured task can be totally ad-hoc.  What does your day look like?  Tell us about your routine, your commute, where you work from, or your life after you close the computer each day.

~ Chelsea

P.S. Did I miss anyone? If so, it was not at all intentional, please let me know!

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