Do you want to go to SD Expo? Do you know someone who wants to go? When PartnerHero reached out to us about providing a travel package to Expo for taking their survey, we jumped at the idea and said YES! We’re excited to support an opportunity to make it easier for someone in the community to be a part of Expo – even more so if they couldn’t come to Expo otherwise.

PartnerHero is asking you to take a quick survey about what you do when there’s more work than people to do the work. They’re offering $600 towards airfare and hotel and Support Driven is providing a ticket to SD Expo to complete the travel package.

Click here to take the survey by March 20th and enter to win the trip!

Reeeeally want to go?
You can get an additional entry to win for you and your friend when they refer you in the survey. This helps PartnerHero gain more insight, and as Sherlock Holmes said, “Data! Data! Data! I can’t make bricks without clay!”

Can’t go? Feeling altruistic?
Even if you can’t make it, or you know someone who wishes they could, fill out the survey and nominate a friend or colleague for the drawing.

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