We designed Support Driven Expo to bring the community together to learn and develop skills they need to take the next step in their career. So when PartnerHero came to us with an offer to make it easier for a member of the community to attend Support Driven Expo in exchange for taking a survey, we were all ears.

We worked with PartnerHero to put together a survey about how customer support teams handle staffing challenges and many of you responded – thank you!

The survey wrapped up last week and I’m excited to announce that Nathalia Bailey is our lucky winner! She’ll be receiving funds and a free ticket from PartnerHero to help attend Expo and this will be her first time to Portland. Also, in appreciation to the community for participating in the survey, PartnerHero is sharing a discount code for $50 off to Expo – you can claim the discount here.

To learn more about Expo, check out the web site and stay tuned for updates and I hope to see you in June!

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