Serving the Support Driven community is at the heart of everything we do and I’m always looking for ways we can bring more value to the community. Sometimes that leads to mashing up ideas that we’re familiar with, like combining webinars with an AMA in the Support Driven Slack.

Webinars are great for setting aside time to learn from experts on a particular topic. AMA’s are fantastic for bringing the community together to share their experiences on a particular topic. What if we organized a webinar and an AMA around the same topic? We could get the benefits of both models!

We’re experimenting with this idea by combining an upcoming webinar from PartnerHero on the challenges of building health culture in remote and multinational organizations with a follow up AMA in our #culture channel in the Support Driven Slack.

Why is this good for you?

It’s your opportunity to ask your questions and draw on the experience of the panelists and the Support Driven community. Do you wonder what it’s like to work remotely? What’s reasonable to expect from a company as a remote worker? What are the upsides and downsides that come with working remotely? How do people handle holidays and meetings when their coworkers live in a different countries and on the other side of the globe?

If you’ve ever wondered about remote work or working for a company based in another country – this will be the perfect time to get answers to your questions.

Why is this good for the company organizing webinars?

Get more value from your webinars. How often do you run out of time for Q&A at the end of a webinar? What about the people that didn’t get a chance to ask their questions?

Hosting the Q&A portion of the webinar as an AMA in our Slack gives you an opportunity to answer everyone’s questions in a space that’s much better suited to multiple conversations. It’s an opportunity to move people from passive viewers to active participants. .

Check out the upcoming webinar on remote culture and let us know what you think! RSVP here. Does combining webinars and Slack work for you or not? Should do we more? Let us know!

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