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I’m Rose and I’ve been with Support Driven since January 2018. Before that, I did frontline support at a startup and had no idea a community existed. After getting to know Scott at a PDX meetup last summer, he introduced me to Support Driven and explained a few of the ideas you all were working on. I started to realize that none of these projects would be possible without volunteers.

It made me stop and think, what makes these folks want to help?

The answer is pretty simple: you care.

I’ve found that support people thrive off helping others and want to make a positive impact on the support industry. Volunteering is an effective, fun way to contribute your ideas — especially in a community with your fellow supporters.

What better place to do that than Support Driven? Who knows, it could inspire you to try something different, introduce you to new friends, or land you a cool job. I know it did for me!

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer with Support Driven, we’ve got an opportunity right now. We’re looking for volunteers to help with the Support Driven 2019 Expo Americas. The sign up form is below.


Volunteer Stories

Though volunteer work mostly happens behind the scenes, it can have a big impact on the volunteer’s life. Every few weeks, I’ll feature a couple volunteers from past events. You’ll learn about how they got involved, what they enjoyed, and advice for those thinking of becoming a volunteer (spoiler alert: do it!).

Brittany, @bferg on Slack

Brittany has been a member of Support Driven since October 2015 and went to the first SUPCONF San Francisco in 2016.

“I attended the event in San Francisco as just an attendee and after that I knew I wanted to personally be involved in other SD events and projects. I wanted to invest my time in helping to make it a memorable experience for everyone attending and volunteering. “

After having a positive experience at 2016 SUPCONF and the first EXPO event in Portland in 2017, she decided to volunteer for SUPCONF in Atlanta. Being around other customer support people was inspiring to her, and eventually, she says, she wants to present her own workshop or talk.

“Through my experience in attending these conferences, I’ve been able to make meaningful connections and transition into a role at a new company. I’ve met some amazing people and had a chance to work alongside some of them that I wouldn’t have been able to without these kind of opportunities.”

Her advice to people thinking of volunteering is to ‘Go for it!’. There are lots of unique opportunities to help with or gain experience in taking the lead. She’s been able to learn even more about Support Driven, meet awesome community members, built on her strengths, and picked up some new skills along the way.

“I get a chance to work closely with other members of the community that I can learn from, and improve upon my own professional development skills. I’m also a sucker for hugs… I love the in-person hugs.”


Chris, @fool on Slack

As a frequent volunteer coordinator for events, Chris got involved with SUPCONF San Francisco after being a longtime supporter and voice in the Support Driven community.

“I’d say that volunteering at any SD event is different than other volunteer work, since it puts you in contact with exclusively compassionate individuals who understand customer service and are much more pleasant to work with – very few ‘angry customers’ :)”

He’s a strong believer of support as a career path and jumps at the chance to help those who share that viewpoint. His advice for people wanting to volunteer is to try as much as you can during the event.

“Get ready to help something amazing happen, and be prepared to learn a lot while you’re at it – between the ‘hallway track’ and whatever sessions you can attend, you’re guaranteed to walk away more skilled than you arrived!”

Are you ready to join us? We’d love to have you!

We’ll need folks on the ground at the 2019 Support Driven Expo Americas event itself (July 11-12 in Portland, OR) along with helpers beforehand online in Slack. 


Sign up to volunteer for the Support Driven Expo:

Volunteer applications for the 2019 Expo Americas are here.

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