It’s that time again! We know the Customer Support Salary Survey is one of the most highly anticipated surveys to share with the Support Driven community, and we’re all looking forward to seeing the results. Support Driven and Help Scout have teamed up together again to make this happen for 2018. The data this survey provides is invaluable for those who are currently in support roles or those looking to move into support to compare and project their career path within the industry. It can be used for the financial (or bonus) negotiation process, as well cultivating important conversations regarding pay gaps based on gender and race, and professional development.


Once again, as we learn more and more with every year of posting, we have updated some questions to help better bridge comparisons and insights.


Ready? Go ahead and take the survey here.


The survey will be open for entries until the end of the year, however if you want to be included in the Help Scout Report, please submit your answers by May 18, 2018.


Please note that this survey is intended to be filled out by those currently in support roles. If you’re looking for the results of the survey, please sign up for the Support Driven Career Newsletter to get the announcement!


Want to check out last year’s results? The 2017 Results are published here.
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