Several of you reached out with the question about what the difference is between Support Driven Expo (June 21-22 in Portland, OR) and Support Driven Leadership Summit (September 17-19 in Boston, MA). It’s a good question and here are the key things to know when it comes to deciding between which one to attend.

Expo Summit
Learning Multiple tracks with 80+ hands on workshops and directed talks. It’s a great opportunity for you to develop skills and learn actionable takeaways from the hard won experiences of peers. Single track with interactive case studies and breakout sessions. You’ll be exposed to different ways of thinking about and solving problems through small group problem-solving activities and attendee led breakout sessions.
Relationships Gathers hundreds of people from the Support Driven community across industries and roles. Meet people working on similar problems in the talks and workshops at Expo. Community led meetups offer opportunities to socialize around common interests. Brings together leaders across the Support Driven community. There are no easy answers to leadership challenges and having people you can go to is invaluable. Summit helps you find those people by intentionally designing multiple opportunities to meet and build meaningful relationships with a small number of leaders in customer support.
Experience With multiple tracks, a trade show, and a career unconference, Expo is a choose your own adventure experience. It’s impossible to experience everything (unless you have a way to be in multiple places at the same time!) so put together a schedule that works best for you and remember to give yourself time to relax and recharge. Summit is a single track, guided experience where the people you meet and the relationships you build from it will be valuable long after the event ends.

Expo is all about bringing the Support Driven community together – to learn, share, and socialize around common interests. It’s a choose your own adventure where you can dive deep into one or a lot of different topics.

Summit takes a long term perspective and is designed to help you meet and build relationships with leaders who can help you with the challenges you’re facing today and tomorrow.

We’re designing both Expo and Summit to be awesome in different ways and I hope this is helpful in seeing differences between them. If you have questions about either event, please let me know by sending me an email at

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