The Support Driven Slack community is a lively and active place where ideas are shared and questions are asked within channels like #leadership, #diversity-inclusion, #career-development, and #knowledge-management. These conversations serve a valuable purpose for learning from peers in real time.

But these valuable conversations and resources get lost in the Slack back-scroll. Two weeks later, a member of the community asks, “Does anyone remember the name of that great article shared in here a few weeks ago, the one about…?”

Based on recommendations from the community, we’re experimenting with sharing channel content on the Support Driven website. Our hope is that this will make it easier to access these great resources even after they’ve disappeared in the back-scroll.

Starting with #leadership
We’re starting small with a single channel, using #leadership, as an experiment. It’s an active channel with more than 600 members, and it contains new questions, discussions, and resources nearly every day of the week. Based on feedback and interest, we’ll expand to additional channels as we go.

How it’ll work
Each week, one of our “channel curators” will publish one of two types of blog posts:

  1.  Original content inspired by and topically related to conversations we’ve had in the #leadership channel
  2.  A “highlight reel” of conversations and resources shared recently in the #leadership channel

Where to find it –
Since each channel naturally falls into a “group” of folks interested in a particular topic, we found it fitting to build from there. From the main menu, you’ll find a new Groups section. Starting with Leadership, we’ll add additional group options as we go.

Check out the very first post by Lindsay Konsko (@LindsayK) here!     

The #leadership curators
These curators are active, engaged members of the #leadership Slack channel and have volunteered to help. Let’s give a round of thanks to them!  clap emoji

  • Lindsay Konsko : @lindsayk
  • Mathew Patterson : @mrpatto
  • Craig Stoss : @Craig Stoss
  • Denise Twum : @awurama

And now I’d like to hand it over to you!

Do you have a preferred channel you’d like to see next? Interested in becoming a curator for your favorite channel?

Vote for that channel, and note your interest within this survey!

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