Support Driven’s Leadership channel is for anyone who is in a leadership role, whether through a formal business structure or as an individual contributor, who is looking to build influence, solve problems, and make an impact in their business.

Here are my three highlights of discussions from just the last week, as well as some follow up resources if you’d like to dig in further.

Outsourcing the right way

Grindr’s Mario Sansalone and Nykki Yeager of Figma joined Shervin Talieh from PartnerHero to discuss some of the most commons myths, challenges and opportunities of customer service outsourcing.

You can watch the full recording, and if you’ve got follow up questions, jump right in to Slack where there are ongoing discussions still happening. One key takeaway: Outsourcing works best when you treat your outsourced team as an distributed part of your company. Work hard on connection, communication, and care, and the results will come.

Further reading:

Business fundamentals for support leaders

Mary, a customer support manager, asked for recommendations on good reads for understanding finance and business. Being able to speak the language of the rest of your business can really help you get things done for your support team and your customers.

Here were the top recommendations:

You might also consider online learning options like this free Open Learning course or Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Effective hiring for support

Erin raised the question of the best format to use in a hiring quiz for a support engineering role. That began a useful discussion about the hiring process and raised questions like:

  • Is putting stress on an applicant in the application a realistic test of how they’d perform?
  • Would you get better results by letting people complete it within a longer time frame?
  • Is there a better way to get good results?

Related: Here are the 23 Interview Questions You Should Ask Every Customer Service Candidate. Pssst…I didn’t ask all of them of every candidate I ever interviewed! But they are a good base to consider.

Beyond these highlights, the discussion moved through personal goals (including OKRs and V2MOMs), performance and sharing metrics, making Town Hall meetings actually useful, plotting out support careers and more.

No matter where you are in your support leadership journey, there’s plenty to be learnt and plenty of people who you could help waiting in the Support Driven #Leadership channel. If you’re not already signed up, come join us!

See you in there!

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