Support Driven Expo 2018 is a wrap! As promised, here is a roundup of some of the photos you all shared via the event app. Before we get to the photos, I want to share a super quick recap of Expo with you.


Photos: SDX 2018 SmugMug album
Slide decks: Support Driven Expo 2018 Slideshare
Videos from talks: Watch SD Expo 2018 on Vimeo (free for attendees)
Blog posts: Support Driven Expo 2018 Blog Post Roundup
Tweets: #sdexpo

Regarding the blog post roundup, link me with your posts! Please ping me @andreabadgley in the Support Driven Slack with links to posts you’ve read or written so I can add them to the blog post roundup. Sunny at Guru, who we were proud to partner with on Expo, gets the prize for being the first to publish, with his Five Takeaways from Support Driven Expo 2018 :-).

Expo by the numbers

Registered Expo 2018 attendees: 413
Talk and Workshop sessions: 76
Community-organized Meetups: 7
Sponsors: 21
Companies with attendees at Expo: ~145
Volunteers and organizers:  33

Expo volunteers and organizers

Speaking of volunteers, Expo would not be possible without these amazing behind-the-scenes people. I’ve included their Support Driven Slack handles in parenthesis for easier recognition. THANK YOU to these kind, helpful, and generous folks who made Expo happen.

Track leaders: these pre-event heroes shepherded speakers and workshop leaders through ideas, workshop time management, slide deadlines, supply lists, and the multitude of questions that come with presenting at a conference. Many thanks to Jessica Bright (@JessicaBright), Diana Cant (@dia), Sandeep Kaur (@sandy), Chris Bowler (@nachochristo), Richard Yang (@richard_yang), Jessica Malnik (@jessica), Joan Stewart (@joanofdark), Heather Knight (@heatherk (she/her)), Rucheli Berry (@cmrberry), Cody Rapp (@cody), and Steph Lundberg (@stephlundberg).

Day-of Volunteers: these volunteers peopled the registration table, made sure the rooms and venue were set up, emceed, ran errands, and helped answer questions during Expo: Andrew Goetz (@andrewgoetz), Gabe Firkins, Alex Fernandez (@fernandez), Bonnie Walton (@Bonnie), Sandy Kaur (@sandy), John Cambiazo (@Cambiazo), Rita Snodgrass (@rita), Anthony Galleran (@galleran), Topher Hammond (@topher), Pauline Chin (@pauline), Sarah Chambers (@sarahleeyoga), Tim Thyne (@timthyne), Steve Mayernick (@steve_mayernick), Shervin Talieh (@calitalieh), Dave Dyson (@davedyson), Steph Lundberg (@stephlundberg), Craig Stoss (@Craig Stoss), Heather Knight (@heatherk (she/her)), Matt Dale (@md).

Speaker coordinator and Welcome Party coordinator: Sarah Godlewski (@sarah_godlewski)
Scholarship coordinator: Sarah Chambers (@sarahleeyoga)
Community meet-up coordinator: Anthony Galleran (@galleran)
Volunteer coordinator: Brittany Ferguson (@bferg)
Career UnConference coordinator: Kari Fass (@Kari Fass (she/her/hers))
Sponsor coordinator: Kay Nguyen (@kay)
Organizers: Scott Tran (@scott) and Andrea Badgley (@andreabadgley)



And now for the photo roundup :-). Thank you for sharing your photos in the event app! Below are a just a selection of photos from Expo. You can find the full set in the SDX 2018 SmugMug album.

Wondering what to do next?

Our leadership conference, Support Driven Summit, is in Boston in October. A Super Early Bird price is available until July 8, so if a leadership conference sounds like what you’re looking for, grab a ticket while you can get that great price. If you’d like to speak, the Summit speaker application deadline is this Sunday, July 8. We’d love to see more Lightning Talk submissions, so pitch us your Summit talk idea! We’ll provide guidance along the way on your speaker journey.

If Expo is a better fit for your expertise and you have a topic you’d like to present in Portland in 2019, we’ve already opened the Expo 2019 speaker application, so you can apply as early as today :-). We will make speaker decisions closer to the time of Expo, in the spring of 2019, but we wanted to go ahead and open the form so you can apply as soon as inspiration strikes.

Thank you again for an amazing Expo 2018, and we can’t wait to see you again next year!

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