Hi friends,

Have you submitted your application to speak at Support Driven Leadership Summit yet? We’d love to see your proposal! The deadline is Sunday, July 8.

Leaders come in many forms, including new leaders, longtime leaders, and those who don’t have the title but clearly lead the way among their colleagues. Each kind of leader has something to say, so we want to hear from all of you!

We know case studies are quite a commitment at over an hour long, so if that’s not your thing, have you considered a lightning talk? They’re only five minutes, with 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. And since they’re so short, we’re looking for one major takeaway for your talk.

If you’re interested but having trouble thinking of a topic, we’ve compiled a list of some we’d love to see—including several that have already been requested by ticket holders who will be in the audience—to help inspire you:

  • Supporting your team of empathetic humans during a tough news cycle.
  • Considering communication style or personality type when interacting with team members.
  • Tips for scaling support hours and coverage.
  • How to keep company culture alive as your remote team grows.
  • Tips for minimizing distractions when working remotely.
  • Balancing hands-on management and allowing for personal growth through mistakes.
  • How to use data to prove your team is worth a bigger budget.
  • Change management: how to rip off the bandage.
  • Scaling your team of one agent to several.
  • Providing a career path within support for your team.
  • Using data to show your team’s contributions to the overall customer experience.
  • How to handle agents being snagged by other teams at your company.
  • Tips for helping marginalized agents interact with customers of privilege.
  • Characteristics of a good manager.
  • Creating inclusive spaces.
  • How to vet a new support tool.

Andrea shared all the details for applying—including expectations, what you’ll get as a speaker, and how to apply—if you need a refresher. Or head to the application right away!

Still unsure? Ping me (@SarahB) in the Support Driven Slack to chat it out, or just go for it! We want to hear what you have to say. Plus, one really nice thing about speaking at a Support Driven event is the Talk Development Program. You’ll not only have the people organizing the event to help you along the way, but you’ll also get a dedicated Talk Editor to help you shape your presentation into the best it can be!

And speaking of deadlines, the chance to get a Super Early Bird ticket disappears on July 8 too. After that tickets increase by $100, so snag your ticket today!

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