From all of us at Support Driven, we want to thank all of you who attended and spoke at Expo. It was a great event! I’d like to give a very special thanks to our partners, Help Scout, PartnerHero, Guru, and Zendesk: your continued partnership and belief in Support Driven makes it possible to bring everyone together at Expo to learn, share experiences, and grow in our customer support careers. Thank you for helping us put on this event for the Support Driven community 🤗.

I published an Expo 2018 recap last week, and today I want to share some fun stuff written by Expo attendees and presenters.

Blog Posts

Sunny Manivannan shared his takeaways on the Guru blog in Five Takeaways from Support Driven Expo 2018.

Amanda Vicari (@Amanda Kate Vicari in Support Driven Slack) wrote about her Expo takeaways in her post Addressing Distrust, Building Empathy and Measuring It’s Value: SD Expo 2018 Takeaways.

Jeremy Watkin (@jtwatkin in SD Slack) attended in 2017 and 2018, and he shared his thoughts on 2018 Expo in his post 6 Notes from SDX 2018.

Pam Kocke (@Pam Kocke in SD Slack) presented an Expo workshop titled, “I’m sorry, can you repeat the question? Getting to the bottom of what the customer is really asking.” She wrote on her personal blog about her experiences as both an attendee and a presenter in SD EXPO 2018 RECAP.

Andrea Badgley (that’s me! @andreabadgley in Slack) shared my thoughts as an organizer, specifically with regards to working with speakers, in We all have something to share.

Presentation summaries and slides

Sandeep Kaur (@Sandy on Slack) summarizes her “Ways to strike chord between Support and Engineering” talk in How Support Teams Can Support Engineering Teams.

Sarah Betts (@sarahbetts on Slack) shares resources and slides from her Trolls, Grumps, and Villains workshop.

Lisa Hunt (@lisahhhhh on Slack) shares resources and slides from her talk, Forget “Hello World”: Technical skills and how to learn them.

Mat Patterson (@mrpatto on Slack) summarizes his “Curiosity: Death to cats, life to support” talk in his Help Scout article AI, Curiosity, and the Future of Human Customer Service.

Josh Magsam (@josh magsam on Slack) shares slides from his workshop, Creating a Customer Success Program to Boost ROI While Scaling Support.

Lana Lee (@lana on Slack) shares slides from her workshop, 5 Tips to Increase Employee Participation in Your Community.

Have more thoughts or resources to share? I’d love to include them! Feel free to send links to @andreabadgley in the Support Driven Slack and I’ll add them.

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