The #leadership channel on Support Driven has been pretty active, with quite a few conversations focused on hiring, onboarding, planning additional support hiring for a busy holiday season, and resources to help new and aspiring support managers learn and grow in their role.

Here’s a quick overview.

Interview questions
To get the ball rolling, Niro asked for examples of good interview questions for a Customer Success Manager position, and the community delivered!!

Some of my favorites were:

Also included were links to articles covering the same topic. Check them out below:

Team onboarding
A one-person support team hiring multiple support team members very soon needed some help with crafting an onboarding plan.

The community jumped to her aid with some ideas including creating or adding to an existing knowledge base, creating a list of questions they want the team members to answer and working backwards from there, and making sure to document each step for the next onboarding cycle.

One detailed response included using a Trello board and laying it all out by weeks:

Hiring model for holiday staffing
Are you ready for some support math wizardry? Amy asked how to create a model to help determine staffing needs for the holiday season, and the support math aficionados came out of hiding to lay some knowledge down. Tighten your belts now!

This is a skill I would love to work on, so if you’re like me, take a look at these suggestions and reach out to any of these leaders in Support Driven. They’d be happy to chat!

Reading Resources for new managers
Colin and a few other Support Driven members were looking for reading recommendations for new managers.

There were so many suggestions that I’m just going to link them here for you. :)

Which of these have you read? And which are you thinking to check out?

I bet we’ve given you a lot to pore over, so do take your time to read over the conversations and invest in your own development as a support leader.

If you’re not in the community and would like to join in the conversations, please join us!

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