Support Driven is a community full of amazing people with amazing knowledge. However, for anyone new it’s a bit of a deep dive into an overwhelming sea of information. Even people who have been members for a few years can get lost in the onslaught. To help keep the community strong and growing, this is something we wanted to help with.

Enter: The Knowledge Project

A while back Scott put out a call for someone to lead a knowledge management project for the rest of the year. The project was a bit undefined, we knew we wanted to make things easier for everyone to stay on top of the Slack and find information, but the hows were still in the air.

I started off on a research project including a survey for existing members and 1:1 discussions with new members (look out for a behind the scenes blog post soon!) to start to define what the scope of the project was and now the first pieces are live.

What’s new?

To begin with, we have a nice shiny updated (and being frequently updated) user manual via Guru in the Slack. You can ask it questions any time by typing:
/guru [your question]

The manual covers the basics of the Slack itself, so it’s great for finding out information about channels, knowing about upcoming events, etc. It also covers the basics of the Support Driven community outside the Slack (events, staying informed, etc).

Check out our video here showing more about how it works:

As part of this initiative we’ve also created a handy “Welcome!” card to be used when someone new joins. You can check out how it works here:

How you can get involved
Having an updated user manual is just 1 step in likely a very long process and there are lots of opportunities to help. Want to get involved with the documentation efforts? Want to help with the next phases (onboarding!)? Ping @dpotter in Slack to learn more.

Following along
Want to know more about the project? We’ll be writing up “behind the scenes” blog posts along the way. First up is talking about the research project that lead to the current work and using jobs to be done in a research project. Stay tuned!

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