We’re always open to new ways our community can interact, so when the idea of running an affiliate program came up, I brought it up to the community in our #about channel a few weeks ago. Those conversations showed that there was potential for affiliate programs to be good for the community, Support Driven, and the affiliate company.

We’re going to experiment with it and we’ll start with Frame.ai since Robbie, who runs operations there, was the one to bring up this idea and because he’s an active and all-around helpful member of the SD community. Robbie led an intro to Excel/Google sheets webinar for the #data-reports channel last month that introduced people to the power of crunching data and other crafty ways of using spreadsheets. Robbie is connected to Support Driven

If you’re curious about our thoughts on affiliate programs, check out the video below:

Guide product development at frame.ai

Help Robbie and Frame.ai understand how you’re making sense of what your customers talk about by taking this survey before August 31st! Your responses could lead to the development of a tool that could supercharge the way you understand customers.

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