Another busy week in the Support Driven Leadership Channel! There were quite a few questions but here are some highlights around stress management, appropriate language when referring to customers, and dealing with abusive difficult customers.

Stress Management

Some of my favorite suggestions were:

Giovanna and Sarah also shared links to presentations and workshops they’ve done previously on the subject. You can find them below!

Giovanna Hopkins | Boundaries and Burnout

Sarah Betts | Build Your Own Support Survival Kit and SDX Slides


No Name Calling Please

How much venting about customers is too much? When you see it getting out of hand, what is the best way to reign it back in with team members?

The community jumped in with a few different perspectives and strategies for releasing this frustration in a more positive way.

Here’s a handy link to Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit referred to above.


Abusive and Difficult Customers

Abusive customers, we’ve all had them unfortunately. But how do you stop them from harming team members in the future?

Multiple members of the community responded that they have policies in place, most with warnings, but it’s something they all take very seriously.

Lots of great questions and awesome suggestions this week! Set aside some time to think about how you currently approach these topics within your own teams and how you might be able to improve.

If you’re not in the community and would like to join in the conversations, please join us!

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