Last Friday, nine of us from the Support Driven community met via a Zoom video to kick off the SD Book Club. As promised, we recorded the session for folks who weren’t able to join. We discussed chapters 1-3 of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High. Below the video are some of the topics we discussed. I’ve also added to the events calendar the questions we’ll keep on deck for each book club meeting so you’ll know what to prepare for if you want to join a discussion. Our next meeting will be on September 28 to discuss chapters 4-6 (details here).

After introductions and what to expect, we discussed the following topics:

  • What was your initial reaction? (starting around 9 minutes)
  • Anything in particular that came up for you that you wanted to bring to the group? (starting around 13:45)
  • Examples of crucial conversations you wish had gone differently, or that you wish you had the tools from these chapters in hand when the crucial conversation happened? (~14:45)
  • Why don’t we have these conversations when we know they’re important? Why is there a book about this? (~19:45)
  • Crucial conversations don’t just happen with customers: they happen (and need to happen) with our coworkers as well (~23:00)
  • Why did everyone decide to read this book? How is it relevant to your role? (~25:30)
  • Has anyone had an opportunity to try anything from this book to apply the knowledge? (~29:30)
  • Is stepping away for a moment effective? (~35:00)
  • The effectiveness of calming down and listening (~37:00)
  • What’s a thing you could see doing differently next time a crucial conversation comes up? (~38:00)
  • Neat new idea from the book: the pool of shared meaning (~46:00)
  • What did people think of the examples used in the book? Were they relevant? (~47:15)
  • How does culture/environment play a role in the ability to speak up and contribute to a pool of shared meaning? (~48:30)
  • What are some things you would look for in the culture to know if you can be candid? (~52:00)
  • Hopes for later chapters (~56:30)

We look forward to seeing folks on the 28th for our next session!

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