A community is defined by it’s culture and culture is shaped by core values. Core values express what’s important to our community.

The Support Driven community didn’t start out with a set of core values that I came up with. Instead, the core values of the community have grown organically through the ways we connect and support each other in our careers and lives. As new folks joined, they would see we’re here to support each other and we have little tolerance for those seeking to bombard us with advertisements.

This process worked fairly well when we numbered in the hundreds but it doesn’t scale well. We need to write down and share our core values as it becomes increasingly impossible for everyone to know everyone else. Written core values help us to understand and connect to each other and all the things we do as a community.

You can help shape our core values! Share the moments and stories that express what the community means to you by October 10th – https://supportdriven.typeform.com/to/VvqbNz.

After October 10th, we will:
– Review your stories to identify common values
– Distill those values into 3 core values that are easy to remember and reflects what’s important to us
– Publish the core values on our website
– Connect all the things we do to our core values

We’re at a pivotal moment in the history of Support Driven as we adapt to the growth of our community. I’m excited to see what core values we come up with as a community.

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