Hey y’all! How has the last few weeks been? I hope you all had a chance to respond to our first writing prompt! But if not it’s never too late to join us, catch the last prompt over here.

For those of you eagerly awaiting your next prompt, here you go!

When did you start your career in support and why? What’s your favorite thing about working in support?

I’m looking forward to hearing more about each of your career’s in support. Remember to share them in the Support Driven #reads channel when you’re done and ask in the #writing and #editing channels if you need some help.

Here are some of the amazing posts shared responding to our first writing prompt over the last two weeks:

“Why do I write?” by Charlotte Ward

“Forging a career path… through blogging” by Andrea Badgley

“Should you be blogging about your career?” by Valentina Thorner

“Blogging – The Way to Showcase Your Work” by Sandeep Kaur

“How do you define a good leader” by Sukh Anand

“My First Post! (And What Kept Me From Writing It)” by Kristen Zuck

Remember to share your post in the #reads channel over the next two weeks so I can share your post with the next prompt!

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