Support Driven is pleased to announce the results of the first Heads of Support Survey!

Thank you to everyone who filled it out (over 150 of you!), and to all of our sponsors.

Below is a link to the raw data, as well as a link to a PDF report containing interviews with support leaders, data visualizations, and messages from our sponsors.

Download the Data View the Report


Some key findings from this survey:

  • 67% of teams said that their turnover rate is less than 10%
  • Only 44% of teams are co-located; 56% were at least partially remote
  • 56% of companies offer phone support, and 51% of companies offer chat support
  • Growth was both the most exciting and most worrying challenge that support teams face

Let us know if you have any feedback to improve the survey for next year. Also, let us know if you end up using the information in the report to make any changes in your department. We want to know what’s working, and how to make this information even more useful for support leaders.

Giovanna Hopkins



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