Hey y’all! This post is a week later than I’d planned as I was out sick most of last week, but here is the final prompt for our fall writing challenge. I hope y’all have enjoyed these prompts and they’ve helped you get back in the writing groove. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and discovering new blogs to follow :)

Our final prompt for this challenge is:

What is something about a career in support that not many people know or realize? 

Here are some posts responding to the last prompt. If I missed you please let me know!

The three best books I’ve read for work by Andrea Badgley

Reading into Support by Charlotte Ward

What to read when leading a support team by Valentina Thörner

Remember to share your post in the #reads channel so we can see your post. If you’re interested in us running another writing challenge again soon please DM me in the Support Driven Slack (@kristenzuck).

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