Hi friends! Have you submitted your application to present a workshop or talk at Support Driven Expo Europe? Don’t miss the chance to share your knowledge! The deadline is sneaking up fast: December 10.  See how close that is on the calendar? We’d love to see your proposal :-)

If you’re interested but having trouble thinking of a topic, we asked people who are eager to come to a European Support Driven conference what they’d like to learn more about. Here’s a list to help inspire you:

  • How other support teams are supporting their products’ documentation needs
  • Managing a rapidly growing support team
  • Trends and innovation in customer support
  • The future of support
  • Feedback loops and communication between support and product
  • Tagging practices for support teams
  • Information on non-management career paths
  • How different organisations are set up, the lessons they’ve learnt, the eureka moments, and/or the tweaks to process that made the biggest difference to their daily lives
  • Learning to use, read, and/or set up metrics for a support team
  • How to align the support team with company’s business goals
  • Changing the mindset of companies about the support roles in Europe
  • Communication basics
  • Quality assurance in remote support teams
  • More about data and determining what data you need to make decisions in support
  • How to deal with a big workload and a small team
  • How to handle cultural differences in support
  • Social media support
  • Community management
  • How to manage a large support team located around the globe
  • Communication with other teams, including product and marketing
  • Balancing direct support with proactive support/bug reporting

The SD Expo Europe 2019: Apply To Speak blog post provides all the details for applying—including expectations, what you’ll get as a speaker, and how to apply. Or head to the application right away!

Thinking about applying and want to bounce ideas off of others? Join us in the #event-sd-expo-europe or #speaking channels in the Support Driven Slack. If you’re not a member of the Slack yet, join here.

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