A core value of Support Driven is career: as a community, we are dedicated to helping each other develop along our career paths. So when Automattic, makers of WordPress.com, asked if we wanted to partner to help women in the Asia-Pacific region begin their support careers through a series of online workshops, we jumped at the chance.

Together, Support Driven and Automattic are offering a free online course that will include six support units over six weeks. Participants in the course will be welcomed into the Support Driven Slack community, invited to join the #u-wordpress channel, and will cover the following topics over the six-weeks of the online course:

  • Goals of great customer support
  • Developing your own support philosophy
  • WordPress troubleshooting
  • Managing challenging users
  • Productivity tools
  • Support as a career

This debut running of the course provides a unique opportunity to an under-represented group in support: women in the Asia-Pacific region of the world. Participants who go through this workshop program will be in a solid place to begin a career in support. The course curriculum covers some of the fundamentals of customer support, and the WordPress world is large: countless businesses are built on and around the open source WordPress software. This means there are countless businesses who make WordPress-related products, some of whom are already in the Support Driven community. Those businesses need good people to support those products. In addition to providing an introduction to customer support, this course will provide an introduction to that large WordPress world.

This program will offer something that many people new to a career path are looking for: the structure of an instructional course and the sense of accomplishment that comes at the end of completing a training program. The course will be taught by support professionals from Automattic at no cost: workshop students will have the opportunity to learn from WordPress experts for free.

The program will begin January 12, so you may see some new folks joining the Slack at that time. If you’d like to learn more about the course, the Learn User Support page has more details.

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