We have some amazing people in our community that live in Europe, and I’m excited to bring everyone together for our very first Support Driven Expo Europe conference on April 1-2 in Belgrade, Serbia. It’s going to be 2 days of talks, workshops, and panels focused on teaching you skills that you can use right away.

We have a venue, we have dates, and we’ve recruited presenters from the community to share their knowledge and experience to help you move your career in customer support forward. What we lack, which is true of every first time conference, is awareness. There hasn’t been a conference like this for people in customer support before and we need your help to raise awareness for it.

That’s why we’re launching a Kickstarter for Support Driven Expo Europe on February 4 – March 4 to raise awareness for it. The key to any Kickstarter campaign is in the video and it’s only appropriate that the video includes clips from members of our European community. That’s where you come in and where we need your help.

To help make Support Driven Expo Europe the most successful customer support related Kickstarter ever, send us a video clip:

  • From your phone or webcam
  • Landscape orientation
  • Recorded some place quiet, audio quality is super important
  • 10 – 20 seconds
  • In your native language, say “Hello I’m (name) from (country) and I am Support Driven”
  • In English, tell us in 1 sentence why you’re building a career in customer support

You have until January 18th to upload your video clip using this form – https://supportdriven.typeform.com/to/VqW2xd

Afterwards, we’ll review the clips, select a few to go into the Kickstarter video, and create a montage or two from the remaining clips to share as an update on the Kickstarter campaign.

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