Hey Support Driven!

Vicki here, the SD Communications and Marketing Associate. Support Driven Expo Europe is fast approaching– we’re only 12 weeks away! The SD team wants to keep you in the loop on the latest news about the conference. Leading up to the event, you can count on a weekly updates series on the SD blog to keep you up to speed about the event.

Crash course: running from April 1-2 in Belgrade, Serbia, this is Support Driven’s first conference series in Europe. We’re excited to be bringing together Support professionals from across the globe in a celebration of our community and tackle the biggest questions in our industry.

We’ve chosen our speakers!

We vetted speaker applications through a blind process and have sent acceptances to more than 50 talented Support professionals who will present talks and interactive workshops. You can see a sampling of the types of topics in store for you  on the Support Driven Expo Europe website. We’ll be introducing many more speakers in the coming weeks when we build out the full conference schedule.

Kickstarting our Kickstarter!

Community support is foundational in the success of any Support Driven event. From February 4 – March 4, we’re launching a Kickstarter for Expo Europe. The goal of the Kickstarter is to raise awareness and funding for the event. Scott wrote more about it here. The tl;dr is that we want the SD Community to be represented in the initial launch as much as possible. This is why we’re asking you to submit a short video clip to potentially be included in our Kickstarter video!

If you’d like to be included,check out the submission guidelines for the clip:

  • Submissions can be made from your phone or webcam.
  • Make sure that the video is made using landscape orientation.
  • Record in a quiet space: quality audio is key.
  • Keep your submission between 10 – 20 seconds.
  • In your native language, say “Hello I’m (name) from (country) and I am Support Driven.”
  • In English, tell us in 1 sentence about why you’re building a career in Customer Support

We’re accepting submissions until January 18. When you’re ready, you can use this form to apply. We’ll be using some of these submissions in both the initial video launch, as well as subsequent update videos throughout the campaign.

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