It’s time to start organizing community meetups and day-of volunteers for SD Expo Europe, and we need your help! Volunteers will have the chance to contribute to and participate in Expo Europe. As a volunteer, you’ll have a chance to engage with Expo-goers and speakers, provide support for the conference, attend sessions, and help ensure attendees have an excellent experience. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic and who love to help. If this sounds like you, keep reading!

As a volunteer at SD Expo Europe, you will:

  • Be an essential part of the event.
  • Learn the inner organizational workings of a support conference.
  • Spend quality time with Expo organizers.
  • Have the opportunity to meet speakers and members from the Support Driven community.
  • Be on the ground, interacting with Expo Europe attendees.
  • Have an opportunity to attend the conference part of the time and volunteer part of the time.

I’m in! What does Expo Europe need help with?

Expo Europe needs two people to organize things ahead of time: a Community Meetup Coordinator and a Volunteer Coordinator.  The conference also needs several volunteers to help at the event itself at the Crowne Plaza in Belgrade, April 1-2, 2019. Here are brief summaries about what we need help with (we are happy to share more detailed role descriptions if you have questions):

Community Meetup Coordinator — Be the point of contact for community members who organize meetups adjacent to SD Expo Europe. This will involve collecting information about the meetups from community members, then adding them to the Support Driven event calendar and notifying organizers so the meetups can be added to the event schedule.

Volunteer Coordinator — Organize the day-of volunteers prior to the event. The bulk of the responsibilities will take place before the event begins, including communicating with volunteers, assigning volunteers to time slots, and coordinating an online volunteer meeting a week prior to the conference to make sure everyone knows where to go and what to do.

Registration — Check in attendees at the Support Driven table and provide next steps. Perfect for someone who likes meeting and greeting people and checking names off of lists.

Support Driven Table — Staff the SD table during non-registration times: the Support Driven table is where attendees tend to go to ask questions about the event, and we’ll want to keep that table staffed during sessions.

Runners — There are always things that need to be gotten :-) Runners are happy to handle unexpected errands on site.

Photographers –– Use your phone or digital camera to snap photos throughout the event. We’re not looking for professional-grade photographs. We are looking to capture moments where people are learning, talking, cooperating, laughing, participating in workshops, and getting value out of the conference.

Local Guides — Suggest places to eat, share local attractions, and guide groups of attendees to nearby lunch spots. SD Expo Europe will bring many people to Belgrade who have never been there before. If you know Belgrade well, being a guide would be a great way to share your city with newcomers.

Wherever there’s a need — Helping out with random unspecified things here and there, etc.

Will Expo Europe pay for my expenses?

Volunteers receive a complimentary ticket to Support Driven Expo Europe. We are unable to cover travel and lodging expenses for volunteers. If you are not local to the event, you or your employer will need to cover the costs of getting to and staying in Belgrade.

What Should I Expect?

For day-of volunteers, plan on committing to at least 6 hours of volunteering at the event, including 7AM setup on April 1 and a morning (8:30am – 1:00pm) or afternoon (1:00pm – 5:30pm) shift on one of the two days of the conference. For the Community Meetup and Volunteer coordinator roles, plan on 1-2 hours per week in the 4-6 weeks leading up to the event.

Once you fill out the volunteer application below, you’ll receive an email from us with more details about the role(s) you expressed interest in. You will be added to the volunteer team, and depending on your preferences, you’ll be assigned a role and time slot. About 4 weeks prior to the conference, the Volunteer Coordinator will send out a survey to select a time for an online volunteer meeting. The video call will take place about a week before SD Expo Europe and will go through the running of the conference, the volunteer assignments, and to answer questions.

On the days of the event, you’ll be carrying out your assigned tasks, working as part of a team. And as Brittany Ferg, Expo America’s 2018 Volunteer Coordinator, said about her volunteer experience with Support Driven events, volunteering at Expo presents a unique opportunity to work alongside amazing people from the Support Driven community :-).

Awesome! Let’s do this! How do I apply?

Click the Start button below, fill out the form, and click Submit!

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