There’s officially less than three months until SD Expo Europe, and the team is hard at work preparing for the big day. This week, we’re diving into the experience for conference visitors to ensure an incredible stay in Belgrade.

Volunteer for Support Driven

Applications are now open for SD Expo Europe!  

Volunteers play an essential role in powering events such as SD Expo Europe. Aside from the impact that volunteer’s time has on fostering an incredible conference experience, it’s also a great way to learn more about the inner workings of conference planning and interact with other Support pros.

To make sure that everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of the excellent talks and workshops planned, all volunteers will receive a complimentary ticket to SD Expo Europe!

To find out more about the volunteer positions available and apply to take part, check out our recent blog post with more information.

Booking your stay

We couldn’t be more excited to be hosting our first European event at the Crowne Plaza hotel in New Belgrade, Serbia. If you’re visiting from out of town, make sure to take advantage of the exclusive group rate when booking your stay. Conference attendees can book their stay for €120 per night for a single occupancy room. Use the instructions on the Support Driven Expo Europe Locations page to book your stay!

Introducing our speakers

Last week, we announced the first wave of speakers for Support Driven Expo Europe. You can expect a great mix of talks and workshops that’s sure to capture your interest and inspire your work. Let’s take a look a closer look at just a glimpse of the conversations we’re looking forward to:


Lisa Hunt

Help! I Don’t Want to be a Manager. Now What?


If you work in support and you’re great at your job, chances are that at some point you’ll need new challenges. If you don’t want to be a people manager – the traditional next step for a promotion – what are your options? How can you develop your career and find your own niche to make sure you don’t end up bored or burned out? I’ll take you through some possibilities, how to find the right next step for you and even land a role that doesn’t yet exist.  


Camille E. Acey

Rewrite the Docs!: Field notes from the radical IT department


Using my blogpost “Three Tips for Providing Tech Help to Non-Profits and Other Such Organizations” as a point of departure, I will share my experience and derived best practices. From “basics”, like how to use documents and spreadsheets, to working with databases and understanding security, I have given assistance to a great many groups and the most important part is always the documentation that I leave behind. I wish to help community and activist groups make better technical choices so that they feel more in control of the technologies they use.


Aravind Sundararajan

Community: Your Secret Sauce to Bridging Your Customers and The Product


Great brands have great user communities. Beyond just keeping users engaged, communities go a long way in making sure you also build a better product. Our community has slowly turned into a place where users feel heard, and come to contribute in the product building process.   In this talk, I will share my story on how I went from a rockstar Support Agent to being the voice of the customer, embedded in the product team. I will also share ideas on how you can create sustained engagement in your own user community.


Magdalena Olszewska

Internal Communication Cookbook: Three proven recipes to feed information to other departments.


As Customer Support representatives, we dedicate a lot of time to communicating. However, in order to make lasting changes in our work environment, communication with internal stakeholders (team, division, developers, etc.) is just as important. Just like our diet needs a proper nutrient combination, communication needs to be balanced across the entire company. Let’s take a step back and see how we can take maximum advantage of how we communicate.

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