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With our Kickstarter launch date of Feb. 4 quickly approaching, we’re excited to start getting ticketing ready for you and to put together the program schedule to share all the things you’ll get to learn.


The event schedule for SD Expo Europe is now live! Check out the Day One and Day Two programming to plan your perfect day.

Kickstarter pricing

You’ll want to set a calendar reminder for this one! The Kickstarter for SD Expo Europe is ramping up, and will be the best time to pick up your pass. We’ll have a limited number of super early bird tickets at $238 (€210) — 30% off the base price of $340 (€300) — so be ready to click “Back this project” when the Kickstarter launches at 10am GMT on Feb 4th! Bonus: early bird tickets will also receive some awesome swag from our sponsors.

P.S. — We set SD Expo Europe prices based on the Euro, with a base ticket price of ~€300. Since Support Driven is a US-based organization using a US bank (and therefore US dollars), we used the current exchange rate to set USD ticket prices equivalent to the Euro price.

The Kickstarter is scheduled to launch at 10am GMT on Feb 4th.

Where should we meet?

Are you a Belgrade local or a natural planner? We’re looking forward to spending some quality time with the community, and would love to hear from you about where to gather. If you have Support Driven Expo Europe meetup ideas, reach out to our Sponsorships Coordinator, @jessica, and let her know your thoughts.


Applications for the SD Expo Europe Scholarship program are now open! The Support Driven Scholarship program aims to connect deserving individuals interested in a Support career with the learning resources and community. This scholarship includes a conference ticket, the scholarship meet and greet on the first day, and entrance to any associated event meetups.

Last year, we brought 13 awesome humans with us to an SD event.

You can find out more about the Scholarship program and apply to for a spot in this blog post. Please note that the scholarships do not include travel and accommodations.  


The full Speaker Schedule is now published on the SD Expo Europe website. Here’s a sneak-peek of a few speakers we can’t wait to check out.


 Martin Kõiva

Creating a Robust Conversation Review (or QA) Process for a Remote Team


Sales has coaching, engineering has code review, copywriting has the editorial process. What about customer support? Customer support has or at least should have conversation review. This a good idea no matter what – I believe in it to the degree of quitting my day job and building a company around this idea. This becomes even more important, if the team is remote. Think about it for a second – you have people working in various place, time zones. How are they going to develop, if there is no internal feedback loop? Customers give feedback on 10-15% of cases, but they cannot know what your internal goals or processes are supposed to be. I will give practical advice on setting up a robust conversation review (or QA) process, specifically for the remote setup. I talk about personal experience as well as best practices I have witnessed customers use for creating a conversation review process that benefits the individual agent, the team as well as the company as a whole.


Nuno Carneiro

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service – What are the options and what is to come


The talk will present results of an extensive research about the uses of AI in customer service. It will be very practical, presenting several case studies of the different applications of AI. The second part of the talk will focus on the most recent developments of AI (post-chatbot technology) and explain how to prepare your team operations to take advantage of this change. Topics to cover: Overview of different applications of AI in customer service: Present what are the main automations used nowadays (triggers, categorization); Chatbots (w/ case study); Translation (w/ case study); Personalization (w/ case study); What is to come? Recent developments in AI/ what AI can already do and what it can’t; Deep learning Voice enabled interactions; AI as an assistant of customer service agents: more problem solving, less repeated work. How to prepare for the future? Preparing your operation to take the most of future applications of AI for customer service.


Kathy Oelbrandt

You are your team’s quarterback – let’s own it!


You are your team’s quarterback. You have the honor to lead your team towards success, by motivating, engaging and believing in them. This is easier said than done: you need to be aware of the “what’s” first: what motivates them? What engages them? What drives them? With this talk, I’d like to give you some specific tools to get better insights into your team members and these “what’s”. The tools I’ll provide will help you to see the bigger picture and find a happy place for every team member at work. You are the game changer for your team’s success here, let’s own it!


Irina Arutyunova

How to Escape Routine and Level Up at the Same Time


Sometimes our work can be monotonous and boring: we work with the ticket queue and, to be honest, the queue never ends. The more you work, the less you get unique and interesting cases that require an original solution. Over time, you catch yourself thinking “I have already seen this somewhere, this case is just like the one I had yesterday” more and more often. We believe that a change of activity is the best rest. You’ll see what we’re doing in Wrike to avoid the feeling of monotony, and how we can escape the ticket queue to evolve and grow both personally and professionally. You will find out how 40% of our team tried themselves as managers, why shuffle makes us happier, who are buddies, interns, experts, Tier 1.5 and champions, and how often each of these roles allows an agent to shift the attention to a different type of activity. You will see what steps we made to introduce this to the team, and how all these activities help agents in choosing a future path in the company.


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