Support Driven Expo Americas is back! We are looking for speakers and workshop leaders to share your skills, knowledge, and experiences with the SD community. Expo Americas will take place July 11-12, 2019 in Portland, Oregon USA.

For SD Expo Americas 2019, our focus is on actionable takeaways. The event is designed to provide practical skills and knowledge to move attendees’ careers and support operations forward when they return to work. Every session should have clear takeaways that can be applied right away.

SD Expo Americas will include Talks: one or two persons speaking on a topic while attendees listen, and Workshops: an interactive experience where attendees engage with the material in the session to immediately practice and apply what they are learning.


  • Are 20 minutes long
  • Include action items that attendees can take back to their company
  • Tie into the theme of leveling up; you want your Talk to provide next steps, and get attendees energized to accomplish something new.


  • Are 45 minutes long
  • Provide attendees the opportunity to do: to interact and engage with a new tool, process, or other activity that can help them level up.
  • Are primarily group or individual activity based; participation is the key ingredient to a workshop’s success.

What you’ll get as a session leader

  • A complimentary SD Expo Americas conference ticket.
  • Opportunity to be buddied with a peer speaker for feedback.
  • If you’d like, we will set you up with Talk or Workshop Editors, to help you bring content you’re proud of to the Expo stage or Workshop room.

Your commitments if you get invited to speak

  • You (or your employer) will cover your travel and accommodation costs.
  • You will follow our code of conduct.
  • You will meet the deadlines for slides and workshop worksheets.
  • We may use your name, photo, and company name to promote the conference.
  • We may record your talk and slides (audio, video, photography) for use in social media, marketing, sales and distribution.


  • March 18, 2019 –- Proposals due
  • April 8 –- You’ll hear from us about your proposal, either way
  • June 6  — Complete a practice run of presentation with editor or buddy
  • June 17 — Slides (talks) and supply-lists (workshops) due
  • July 11-12  –- SD EXPO AMERICAS (Portland, Oregon)!!!

The proposal process is open to all – proposals will be reviewed by our organizers. Feel free to submit more than one proposal if you have more than one idea for a presentation.

Ready? Apply to Speak!

If you’re wondering what the Support Driven community is eager to learn about, check out these questions and ideas, summarized from surveys and #chat-highlights. You could find a great starting point or spark of inspiration for your talk or workshop! Remember to keep actionable, how-to takeaways in mind when writing your proposal!

  • What are the current trends in the CX field? Should we adopt them? What tools/practices/resources do we need to support them?
  • How do you effectively navigate large changes at an org? I want to learn about change management and intentional culture building.
  • I’m a CS agent with 1+ marginalized identities interacting with customers of privilege, how can I take care of myself? How can my team/manager/company support me?
  • Let’s talk about analytics and reporting. I want to learn about specific tools, best practices, and share resources.
  • What’s your process/strategy for vetting a new tool, from start to finish?
  • B2B support—what’s your approach? What strategies work well? What hasn’t worked?
  • How do you handle full-team meetings on a fully or partially remote team?
  • My team is working on launching a new (QA, Customer Success, support forum) program. Help?

If you’re ready to help the Support Driven community grow professionally and improve personally, and you’re excited to join us in Portland in July 2019, submit your talk or workshop proposal below!

Thinking about applying and want to bounce ideas off of others? Join us in the #event-sd-expo or #speaking channels in the Support Driven Slack. If you’re not a member of the Slack yet, join here for free.

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