We’re only three days away from the official launch of our Kickstarter campaign for SD Expo Europe! Our Kickstarter is the perfect way to ensure that the SD community has the opportunity to play an integral role in the event.

We’re still a couple days away from the official launch, but here’s what you need to know leading up to Monday.

If you’re planning on taking part in SD Expo Europe, our Kickstarter is the best time to commit. Kickstarter tickets will be on sale starting February 4, 2019. We’ll have a limited number of super early bird tickets at $238 (€210) — a full 30% off the full ticket price of $340 (€300). Be ready to click “Back this project” when the Kickstarter launches to get the discounted tickets! Early adopters will also receive exclusive swag from sponsors as a token of appreciation.

The Kickstarter link will be posted in the #event-sd-expo-europe channel of the Support Driven Slack when tickets go on sale at 10AM GMT. Join the channel if you’re not already in it, and if you’re not in the Slack yet, you can register for free on our Join the Community page.



Arun Basil Lal

Don’t Just Close Tickets, Eliminate Them. Four Strategies To Minimize Support Load.


As support professionals, we are often fatigued by answering similar questions, multiple times throughout the week. That is no fun!  In this talk, I will share four killer strategies that delivered successful results and helped not just reduce support tickets, but often eliminate them completely. Thus keeping the support team sane and relatively small in size for a rapidly growing product.   I will also share the secret sauce that made a WordPress plugin the category leader, even though there were other products before its time.


 Cristina Fonseca

How to Spread Knowledge in a Fast Growing Organization (and run the unsexiest team in your company)


I co-founded Talkdesk and I am very familiar with the CS challenges, one of those being knowledge management. At Talkdesk, I built a team to make sure everyone within the organization had the most recent, up to date information about our product and processes. I will share our processes to capture and disseminate knowledge. This includes getting information from engineering / internal release notes and structure content to be published in our knowledge base, video academy, internal and external updates and blog posts. We build a video academy early on, in a very scalable way, that proved to be crucial both for onboarding new employees at a fast pace, as well as to train and inform customers about the product details.


 Mike Griffin

Using Automation to Make Your Job Easier


We all spend a lot of time doing repetitive work, clicking here, dragging there, typing the same phrases. This talk will show you some shortcuts that you can use to become more efficient. You will see how automation has helped my team to work better together and how you can use these tips to help your team. You’ll also see some reasons for not trying to automate everything.




Rachel McRoberts

Using Mental Models for Better Troubleshooting


When a customer reports a problem with our product, how do we know what’s wrong? Is the problem on their end or is it a bug in the product? Is it an issue with the client, the network, or the database? Where do we begin and who do we report it to? Mental models help us understand our products in an abstract way. They provide a framework we can use to start asking questions when a customer is having trouble, to ensure we get the information we need to report the bug. Learn how to construct a mental model and apply it to improve your troubleshooting skills.

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