Kickstarter Update

Not even one week into our Support Driven Expo Europe Kickstarter, and we’ve already hit 85% of our fundraising goal for the event: $8,549 has been raised since our launch earlier this week! This is our largest fundraising initiative for the event, and its success so far serves as another reminder about the critical role our that community plays in the success of SD Expo events. There are still 24 days left to contribute!


Community Meetup Planning is Underway!

Myth: You should leave the SD Expo Europe planning up to others.

Fact: We can’t wait to hear what you would like to see from an Expo meetup experience!

Community Meetups are a great way to get together socially with Support Driven people who are in town for Expo. Our Community Meetup blog post has more information about proposing a meetup.


A Glimpse of What’s to Come

Karen Arnold, hiring lead for Automattic’s support team, gives a sneak peak of her SD Expo Europe talk in this article about Communication to build a culture in a fully distributed company of 800+ people. Check out Karen’s blog post, and make sure to catch her talk at SD Expo Europe!


Speaker Highlights

Karissa Van Baulen

Documentation Station: Blow your mind with keeping your customers in mind


Although panel research done by marketing and product teams are essential, customer input is often overlooked. In this session, we will look into why it is important to get user feedback, how to collect it and interpret correctly and how to create action items

based on the feedback. Ultimately, blowing your mind with keeping the users in mind.



Raúl Antón Cuadrado

Mistakes, Lessons Learned, and Tricks After 500 Video Chat & Screen Sharing Support Sessions.


One of the most powerful support channels are video and sharing screen sessions, aka 1:1s. 1:1s, either scheduled or on demand are used to provide first hand help to a user/client but it is also a powerful tool to 1) get direct, immediate, unfiltered feedback 2) create loyal users by providing top notch, close and warm support and 3) reduce churn by accompanying inexperienced users to start using your product/services > I have collected good and bad practices after >550 sessions and compiled some tricks that could help you to put into practice an effective 1:1 support strategy.



Anna Sindalovskaya

Support in social media: How to Troubleshoot a Complex Issue in 140 Characters?


Our world gets more and more fast paced, and our customers get more impatient expecting to get immediate help. Social media is the perfect channel for it and that’s where they go to. I will talk about the common challenges we are facing as support agents when we are limited by character count and public answers to solve a customer’s problem. What if it is a complex issue? What do you need to watch out for? How to console a frustrated customer and turn his negative rant around? How to stay positive and avoid disclosure of sensitive information during public troubleshooting? What is the difference between answers on Facebook and Twitter? And finally: How to maintain a positive tone and make your company sound fun? I will tell you how!


Kev O’Connor

Following the Sun for Success – Shifting from a Co-Located Team to Global Support


Are your customers around the world? Then shouldn’t your support be, too? At NationBuilder, we have transitioned our support team from a single location, to now be spread over four timezones. We first had 24/5 written support coverage with a team of just 13 (including management), so this doesn’t haveto be about building out big international offices. The process has been incredibly successful in improving the quality and timeliness of our support. Topics covered in this session include: How to know if ‘follow the sun’ is right for you How to work out how many people to hire in each location What to look for when hiring remote/international team members How to coordinate a global team How to ensure performance improves as your coverage expands.


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