Support Driven Expo is returning to Portland, Oregon, this July 11-12. Now that the conference has expanded across the Atlantic and there are two Expos, the Portland event has a new name: SD Expo Americas.

If you’re seeing all the excitement around SD Expo Europe and are amped for an Expo near you, we’ve got a special surprise for you: Early Bird tickets for the Americas event are now available through the Expo Europe Kickstarter. Purchase your Americas ticket before March 4 to get a discount off the regular $450 price. We have a limited number of super early adopter tickets at 30% off, so run fast to the Kickstarter! Click “Back this Project” and select the appropriate SD Expo Americas reward to reserve your ticket.

If you’re not sure what Expo is all about, you are in for a treat. It is a two-day conference filled with talks, workshops, discussion groups, and community meetups. Expo is a place to learn from Customer Support peers who get it: who are going through the same thing you are, who are asking similar questions, who are working to find better, customer-centric ways to provide and run support. Here’s what a few Expo 2018 attendees shared about why it was worth it for them to attend:

Screenshot of Slack quote

We’ve already room blocks at the PSU dorms and University Place hotel, and according to Twitter, Craig’s already thinking about another pub crawl meetup. You, your colleagues, your role models can submit talk and workshop proposals through March 18.

All you need now is your ticket!

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