Kickstarter Success!


Our Kickstarter has come to a successful finale. Support Driven Expo Europe was 247% funded, closing at $24,742 on a $10,000 goal, with 74 backers. Thank you so much for helping us with our mission to support those who support others!

If you’ve backed the Kickstarter, you should have received your ticket registration. If you haven’t, please contact Make sure to take advantage of the Invoice Submission Form if you need to expense your purchase.

Planning on joining us but didn’t back the Kickstarter? No problemo! You can still pick up your tickets through the event registration page.  


Planning your Expo Experience


If you’re anything like us, you’re probably already planning your SD Expo Europe experience. If so, the Expo Guide will be your best friend. The guide is an FAQ to all things Expo, and can shed some light on your burning questions. To stay up to date about Expo Europe, bookmark the Support Driven Expo Europe website and join us in the #event-sd-expo-europe channel in the Support Driven Slack. If you are not yet a member of the Slack and would like to join, you can register for free here. Pro tip: The #event-sd-expo-europe Slack channel is a great place to ask any questions that may not have been covered in the Expo Guide.


Featured Speakers

Bursting up! Rapid-Scaling Customer Support

Sahra Santosha, Babylist



It’s exciting when your company’s product catches on. Success can be sudden. Marketing and product get to celebrate – but support now needs to grow to take care of all these new users. How do you work through the rapidly growing backlog? How do you hire and train without pulling needed resources out of the queue? How can you help new team members get useful quickly? How do you find and fix gaps in process and knowledge quickly? How do you keep the existing team from feeling overwhelmed? Sahra has rapid scaled teams more than once and learned a ton about how to 10x quickly without going insane.


Embracing Change: What I Learned from Speaking to Support Leaders for Two Years

Durga Sundaram, Freshworks



There is always a scope for improvement in support-processes at any time and it’s hard to achieve perfection. However, when small issues are ignored or aren’t identified, they will snowball into bigger problems over time. This ultimately ends up compromising your agents’ job satisfaction and your customer’s happiness. That’s why it is imperative that support leaders are able to identify problems in operations at an early stage and use the best means to fix them at the roots. Drawing from her experience working with support leaders, Durga will share some of the common mistakes that customer support teams make and how they can be avoided. She will also share insights into how to identify when there is a need for change in your support process, and how you should plan and execute it. Regardless of whether you’ve just started with your support team, or you’re planning on scaling a large team, these fundamentals of support processes will help support leaders in making better decisions.


Driving Impacting by Niching Down and Communicating Better

Daniel Danilov, Automattic



We do lots of different types of work in support: communicating with customers, improving our technical skills, sharing product feedback, and sticking to deadlines. Between everything, it may seem like to be better, you must know everything — and I’d like to challenge that assumption and show you how you can drive company objectives with more impact by niching down, and becoming an expert. This is true for both smaller companies, and ones that have expanded to cross-divisional behemoths. The ability to recognize your own strengths, and aligning them with division/company goals is a powerful combination.


Remote work – How to Make it Work

Agnes Abel, Typeform



My name is Agnes and I come from right across the border, Hungary. I joined Typeform in Barcelona as employee #8 back in 2013 ( we are slightly over 200 employees now).I have worked in Barcelona for over 5 years now and have been working remotely since 2016.Working remotely has not a bit decreased the level of fun I am having at Typeform. We have offices in Barcelona and San Francisco and 6 other fully remote team members. Our office based colleagues also take advantage of the flexible working policy and occasionally work from home or while travelling.Being “remote friendly” encompasses everything we do, from business as usual operations through projects to team events.In my workshop we’ll explore how it is all done at Typeform and in other remote teams – what are the tools to use, how to set up work and after-work activities so remotes don’t feel ‘remote’. I’ll also give you actionable tips on what you can do to make the most out of being a remote team member – if you are so lucky to be one :)


Win-Win Situation: How to Drive Customer Loyalty with Effective Support Career Path

Stanislav Katsion, Wrike



Customer Support is no longer considered to be a forge of talents for other departments or as a periphery department. Having a clearly defined and diverse career path becomes an absolute necessity for a customer-facing department. Unsurprisingly, a well-organized and rewarded Customer Support team drive more customer loyalty to an organization. I was lucky to join Wrike right at the time of a new Support career system adoption. Seeing the results it has brought us, I’m eager to share the experience and explore this phenomena deeper.