Can you believe we’re only three short weeks away from SD Expo Europe? In case you haven’t had a chance to pick up your ticket, they are t available on the Support Driven website. Already have your ticket? Read on to learn more about event resources to help you make the most of your experience!

Event Outline

As we (so quickly!) approach Expo Europe, it’s time to start answering your questions about the event. If you’re looking for one place to find out how to get your Expo on, the Support Driven Expo Europe Guide will be your BFF. The Guide is Grand Central Station for your pressing questions about the event.

The Guide breaks down the flow of the event (did you know that we’ll be hosting both traditional talks as well as workshops?), as well as an FAQ section for all your miscellaneous questions. Make sure to bookmark it so that you have it on hand before and during the event! Did we miss something? Hop into the #event-sd-expo-europe Slack channel and let us know!

The App is Live

Let’s get digital! The app for SD Expo Europe is live. This will be your virtual guide through the event. For everything from ensuring that you know where that perfect talk that you were looking forward to is, to answering the age-old question, “what time is lunch?” you’ll want to make sure you have this installed.

To get set up, download the Whova app for iOS or Android, and search for Support Driven.


Speaker Updates

What it Takes to Relinquish Unrealistic Expectations

Sukanya Arunachalam, Freshworks


There is a thin line between promising and over/under promising. Understand it and following the BUT concept is key to happy customer experiences. Based on my experiences, I’ll explain how things can turn disastrous when you don’t keep your promises to customers. I will also discuss actionable tips to implement the BUT concept in your support strategy. Through examples, I will highlight the importance of being a bridge between the customer and a product. For example, we had once promised a customer full-fledged multilingual support, but failed to keep our word. However, we didn’t just stop with an apology, but showed them we were willing to help and provided them with a solution. I’ll also talk about what customers value in a business relationship and why you need to uphold those values with another situation we’ve come across.


The Secret Communication Tool for Handling Your Users’ Cultural Differences… Elegantly

Sabine Harnau, From Scratch Communications


Almost every company now sells to people from many different cultures; this may be particularly true here in Europe. Your users’ heritage affects the way they relate to your products — and their expectations of support. In this workshop, we’ll first cut through some assumptions and cultural biases that may affect the way we communicate. You’ll learn about some key research into cultural differences and conversational styles, and how they affect customer support. Then we’ll apply UX Design thinking to create a support experience that works for the individual customer. You’ll practice using a “secret template” as a thinking and communication tool that helps you honour your users’ communication style. The template is particularly useful for email support, but it can also be adapted to chat and phone. Exercises will be based on real-life examples. Feel free to bring (anonymous) examples of user emails you struggled with!



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