In the early days of Support Driven, we didn’t have any written rules for the community. We were a handful of people chatting about customer support in Slack and we were small enough that most people had a connection with each other.

As the community grew, the demand for a conference grew and we started organizing conferences and expos. Those events attracted people from within the community and also people who were new to Support Driven and had not yet joined the Slack team. Since we couldn’t expect people who had never heard of Support Driven to be familiar with our community guidelines, we added a code of conduct to provide guidance for the conferences and for the online community.

As we continue to grow beyond Slack and conferences, we need to write down guidelines and rules for being a positive citizen of our community. It’s time for us to create a terms of service for ourselves to guide existing and new members. The terms of service should provide clarity around:

  • Accountability
  • Privacy
  • Sharing

As a community of customer support people, some of us write these kinds of policies and almost all of us are involved in enforcing them. You can help craft the best terms of service for our community by sharing your ideas and concerns by filling out this survey by April 27th ->

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