In the lead-up for July 11-12 Support Driven Expo Americas in Portland, you can expect a weekly update from the organizing team. Every Thursday, we’ll share news about what you can look forward to at the conference. We’ll also be highlighting a handful of speakers and their sessions to set the stage each week.

The Schedule is Out!

If you scan event details in advance to map out your dream itinerary, you and I have something in common. Great news for us early birds: The full SD Expo Americas schedule is now live!

You can browse the schedule by date as well as filter by talk or workshop. Topics range across disciplines and specialties to account for the broad range of talents in the Customer Support community.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can look forward to at SD Expo Americas. Heads up: tickets are on sale now!


Support Agent to Manager: Strategies for the First 90 Days
Tiffany Miller – Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

In 2018, I was promoted from a support agent to manager. I was recommended Michael Watkins, “The First 90 Days” and found this book helpful while entering my new position. This presentation covers some of Watkins’ strategies for getting up to speed quickly and efficiently, and how failing to adjust unveiled itself during my transition. These strategies can be used by anyone who is expecting to be promoted or is newly promoted from support agent to the manager.


The Believing and Doubting Game – Practicing Empathy in the Support Queue
Josh Magsam – PartnerHero

It can be challenging to work with frustrated customers, particularly when their point of view is difficult to understand or embrace. But when you can practice empathy and understand the customer’s perspective, it’s possible to build a deeper relationship with them that can increase loyalty and engagement – and leave you feeling good that you helped someone through a difficult time. In this workshop, we’ll explore an exercise that will help you or your team practice empathy in even the most challenging situations. Team leaders and managers will learn tips for recreating the exercise with their own teams and agents will learn techniques to practice empathy on the front lines.


Marketing yourself on Linkedin – or – How to get people queuing up to see your skills
Charlotte Ward – Join the Dots Consulting

Linkedin hosts more than 500 million professional profiles. Actively engaging with the platform maximises your personal brand, helps people find you and informs and inspires you. Its unrivalled opportunities for network expansion and maintenance offers a nearly unlimited supply of career opportunities and professional growth. Like it or loathe it, LinkedIn is an important part of being a fully-fledged professional in any industry these days. Nowadays, building and managing your personal brand is an integral part of your career, and Linkedin is a vital, central part of that brand management. This workshop will help you love it.

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