One of the benefits of bring Support Driven events to a variety of cities is the opportunity to learn more about cities across the country — and across the world. Portland is a city known for its unique and diverse culture. What better way to learn about the city than with fellow SD members? Community members are organizing meetups to explore different parts of town — there’s already a hike and a pub crawl on the schedule!

Where Should We Meet?

Looking for an opportunity to spend time with fellow SD Community pals? There’s no better way to laugh and hang out with a whole bunch of new best friends than by attending a community meetup at SD Expo in Portland.

Expo-adjacent meetups are organized and hosted by members of the community, and are a great way to get to know the city — and one another. At 10am on July 10, Scott Tran will be leading a 3.2 mile hike that starts at the World Forestry Center, winds through a Redwood grove, Japanese garden, and Rose garden, and ends at the Oregon Zoom. Later that day, at 4pm, Craig Stoss is leading a pub crawl that will begin at Base Camp Brewing (, then meanders to Cascade Brewing and Loyal Legion.

Check out the SD Expo Americas schedule to learn more about the events on the horizon. If you’re excited to flex your event coordination muscles by organizing and hosting a meetup, we want to hear your ideas. Fill in the SD Expo Americas Community Meet-up Form to give the details about the meetup you’d like to organize. One of our team members will touch base with you about next steps.

Featured Speakers

Support Agent to Manager: Strategies for the First 90 Days

Tiffany Miller, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

In 2018, I was promoted from a support agent to manager. I was recommended Michael Watkins, “The First 90 Days” and found this book helpful while entering my new position. This presentation covers some of Watkins’ strategies for getting up to speed quickly and efficiently, and how failing to adjust unveiled itself during my transition. These strategies can be used by anyone who is expecting to be promoted or is newly promoted from support agent to the manager.

The Believing and Doubting Game – Practicing Empathy in the Support Queue

Josh Magsam, PartnerHero

It can be challenging to work with frustrated customers, particularly when their point of view is difficult to understand or embrace. But when you can practice empathy and understand the customer’s perspective, it’s possible to build a deeper relationship with them that can increase loyalty and engagement – and leave you feeling good that you helped someone through a difficult time. In this workshop, we’ll explore an exercise that will help you or your team practice empathy in even the most challenging situations. Team leaders and managers will learn tips for recreating the exercise with their own teams and agents will learn techniques to practice empathy on the front lines.

Build Engaging Knowledge Management

James Allen, Formstack

Every strong support environment has a solid knowledge base in place. This presentation will show how to bring a continuous improvement mindset to drive and keep users in your knowledge management system. Leverage your analytics to build content that your users need and design pages that will create power users.

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