Photo from SUPCONF Seattle, spring 2017

A few months ago, someone in the Support Driven Slack had a fantastic idea: let’s create a space where we can give a shout-out to folks doing things that make the community the special place that it is. Maybe they helped someone by talking through a challenge, reviewing résumés, being welcoming, making someone feel included, giving a great workshop, providing insight that led to an lightbulb moment. It could be anything! If someone did something that inspired gratitude, appreciation, admiration, awe — it’s worth giving kudos for.

At the time, we created a #shoutout channel in the Slack. It didn’t take long to realize, though, that adding a new channel meant people had to find and join the channel to use it, not everyone would know it existed, and it meant one more channel in the already ballooning Slack channel list. The #good-news channel shares the same feel as what we were going for, and it already has strong membership (more than 650 members as of this blog post). Someone suggested, why not roll shout-outs into that channel? So that’s what we did. We retired #shoutout and invited folks to share their kudos in #good-news.

We love seeing those shoutouts in #good-news, and the concept of giving kudos sparked an idea for the Support Driven newsletter. In the past couple of weeks you may have noticed a new section: the Community Member Shout-out section. In each week’s newsletter, we’d like to highlight people in SD who are helping build the community that we all love being a part of. In addition to showing appreciation and making making them feel special, these shout-outs will also provide a way to get to know the community. The SD Slack is more than 5000 members now, and sharing shoutouts is a great way to introduce all of us to the people of Support Driven.

Who do you want to give a shout-out to? If you see someone in Support Driven doing something awesome, please share! Click the button to give them kudos.


If you love kudos and want to give them as many places as possible to boost the folks you appreciate, LinkedIn has a new Kudos tool you can use to spread the love in addition to giving a shout-out in Support Driven. Hat-tip to Charlotte Ward who showed me this feature. Charlotte has all kinds of LinkedIn tricks up her sleeve! She’ll be sharing many more in her workshop at Expo Americas in Portland in July.

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