Support Driven Expo Americas offers programming to meet you where you are in your Support career! Read on to learn more about some of the awesome SD Expo installments that you can look forward to.

Help Scout Conversation Corner

Support Driven Expo isn’t just about the great talks and workshops. There’s a ton of knowledge and experience inside your head and the heads of all your peers! One of the most valuable experiences at Expo is connecting with those peers to discuss the topics that are important to you right now.

The Conversation Corner at Expo Europe was such a success we’re bringing it back at Expo Americas. Our friends at Help Scout are facilitating and sponsoring the Conversation Corner. We’ll be choosing topics ahead of time and sharing them in the schedule so you can plan to attend conversation topics you’re most interested in — leaving a few time slots open for impromptu topic additions, of course. We’ll be tackling one broad subject area per hour; small and larger group conversations depending on attendance.

You can help to select the topics for Conversation Corner by filling in this short survey.


Did you know that SD Expo Americas offers panels alongside the talks and workshops?

On Thursday, Brian Levine of Bottle Cap Technology and Kristen Zuck of Automattic will be tackling elevating the role of customer support within your company. During Friday’s session, Craig Crisler of SupportNinja will cover the bridge between human support and AI in customer support.

If you’re interested in checking out the full schedule, check out the SD Expo Americas schedule and use the session drop-down box to filter by ‘Panel.’

Featured Speakers

Discover the Secret Formula to Building, Scaling, and Managing a Remote Support Team

Mark Bangerter, ClickFunnels

Support is a necessary part of any successful company. If you have a product, you need support. When a company grows rapidly, the support team needs to grow rapidly as well. ClickFunnels is the fastest growing, non-VC backed company in the world and has grown to almost 85,000 paid users over the past 5 years since its initial launch. Come learn what we did to quickly build, scale, and manage a completely remote support department. Whether you are a support agent crushing the queue each day or the leader of your company’s entire support department, this message is for you.”

Leadership skills in non-leadership roles: become a better teammate

Dennis Padiernos, Netlify

Being a team player is essential when working in support. Becoming a better teammate is probably the second most important goal to have. Second only to intimately knowing the product you support. Common leadership skills can help you achieve this. Find out what those leadership skills and how to apply them in your current role as an individual contributor and possibly grow your career in the process.

Tech Stacks in a Successful Contact Center

 Ramon Icasiano, Earnin / Stella Connect

In this day and age, customers are expecting top tier support at all times, and over all channels. Building a powerful and useful tech stack to aid a successful support team is what can set your contact center apart from the rest. In this presentation, Ramon Icasiano will dive into best practices for building and implementing a tech stack to drive and measure the performance of front-line teams.



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